@t54r4n1 this reminds me of your story of the crypto bro party

@excitedfermion @t54r4n1 this is a link to the original screenshot about tesla bros?

@tranarchist @snailerotica @excitedfermion yes this is a link to the thing about Tesla bros lol

the story I have is ityool 2011 I attended a bitcoin wallet startup house party at a villa in Los gatos, I stunted on various bros by asking them what their product was *for* actually. none of them gave a satisfying answer, the guy who said "finance" was the most honest and grossestly correct, I gave him a big "ewwwww!!" and walked away

@prplecake My brother just got a Tesla. I'm gonna use this on him.

LB okay this is definitely something i'm adding to my repertoire lol

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