@prplecake not quite sure what you thought putting ‘image’ as alt text would accomplish, but i don't think it's working

@amberage it's accomplishing exactly what it is intended to, thanks!

@prplecake and here I thought it might have been an oversight and not a deliberate provocation.

@prplecake Worse: Record profits are exploited people. Even if some other people were paid more to exploit those people, it wouldn’t make the system any less exploitative.

@aral @prplecake
I get your point, but I'm pretty sure the phrase refers to the lowest-paid laborers, not, say, the top managers at the company.

@csepp do you think that's worse than no description at all?

@prplecake I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one post by a blind person who complained about websites doing that. I think it's fine if you don't have the spoons the write a full alt text, just don't make it as unhelpful as "image". 😅

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