happy thomas jefferson death day! rest in piss you horrid motherfucker 🎇

#deathtoamerica 🔥🇺🇲🔥

@t54r4n1 not that i particularly want to identify as a man but i wear jeans basically all year round cause that's what i'm comfortable in! (but i also don't complain about being too hot cause i'm very aware i made that decision!

🍞 (food item) 

@Dee this is a really good one from what i can tell

paper mario implies the existence of rock mario and scissor mario

what the fuck kind of game is an AARP

just watched a dude in one of those big ass ford trucks almost get stuck in the popeyes drive thru

Idk this one is kind of cringe I think but whatever, tobacco, selfie 

@Thomas hmmmm this cigar doesn't appear to be lit :blobcatglare:

as someone who hates eye contact i find driving exhausting because of all the required eye contact [to drive safely]

i remember the first time i thought i locked myself out of my apartment

i was doing laundry and on my way back up the stairs to my apt i noticed i didn't have my keys on me and insta-panicked. I called the LL and everything until I realized... if i never left the building... and i don't have my keys on me.... then how would my door be locked?

and sure enough the door was unlocked the entire time :blobcatfacepalm:

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