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diy'ing, caps 

alright idk what's holding this circuit board in now

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"Not reinstalling these springs will cause the mouse to malfunction."


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i lost one of the smallest fucking springs i've ever seen

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tearing apart an old not-working-well mouse

By the way, I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday (searching for artifacts) and I found this terribly cursed selection of items 

Image description follows, since it's easier to read and format in the text body.

An assortment of Thin Blue Line themed home decor arranged on a store display.

There are a few flags made of a thick material, one in the shape of the US, and another in the shape of a Christian cross.

There is a tall photo frame with a Thin Blue Line flag that features a stock photo of a fit white man in a classic blue police uniform, with the text: Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God (Matthew 5:9).

There is a small wooden frame in the shape of a house with the text: in this house we back the blue. The U in "blue" is a shield shaped badge with the flag inside of it.

There is a wooden frame featuring "A Policeman's Prayer," which reads: Lord God, be my protection as I protect others, my strength as I enforce the law, my guide as I lead all to justice, and my source of good as I work against evil. Amen. It has a generic police badge that says: Police Officer / Serve and Protect / Police.

Baseball cap with flag on it.

A sculpture that says Police, spelled out in police tools such as handcuffs, a flashlight, a badge, and what looks like a Colt 1911.

democrats will really be like "police brutality is out of control and it makes me sad" and then in the same breath go "back the blue no matter who*"

*Yeah, see what I did there? pretty nice, huh? but like for real

trying to think of reasons to keep instagram or snapchat around and coming up blank

oh no jesus ur on the cross an you wore a skimpy white t shirt haha oh no i have this super soaker too

untag me
ntag me
tag me
ag me
g me


dogs are probably incapable of understanding the idea of a banana and that's kind of sad, to me

now that my piercings are straight i can leave the house

Damn I could really go for some freaking communism right about now

Please . Can we please have communism. Just a little bit please please

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