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Forest defenders fighting in the giants redwoods of Humboldt county are shutting down work crews threatening trees as part of long-campaign of protecting old-growth forests. Action report here:

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Twin Cities drag story hour defense 

Can't make it on Saturday? Let Saint Paul Public Library know that they have the community's support in hosting these life affirming events!

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Twin Cities: Fash from "Hold the Line MN" intend to protest Drag Story Hour in St. Paul on Saturday morning, at Arlington Hills Public Library, 1200 Payne Ave on the east side. Story hour is at 10:30; Fash have advertised they will show at 10am.

Antifascist response will be decentralized, and you are encouraged to prepare and join. Please read these slides for important things to consider if you do.

(reposted - deleted earlier post w/ wrong address)

i liked GaiaGPS as a mapping/GPS app for my phone but they were bought by Outside Magazine awhile back (i knew about that) but i just found out today that Outside sells NFTs, so I'm wanting to jump ship lol

these automatic doors have the audacity to tell me to keep moving yet take their sweet time actually opening up

seems like just about everyone has put the masks away huh

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TIL that "twig" is etymologically related to the word "two" (having originally referred to a forked stick's bifurcation)

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Just reading about JP Morgan Jamie Dimon newest take on crypto being a Ponzi schemes. Also JP Morgan is happy to sell you the JPM coin or allow it's paying customers to buy into crypto. I mean why not make some commission on Ponzi scheme, that's legal!

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🫡🫡 this emoji has to be the funniest shit on the planet rn. i love it

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